Workshop Offerings

Fundamentals of Deeper Back Bending

This workshop is a primer to contortion training. Together we explore the differences between flexibility and mobility, and discuss ways to open, strengthen, and stabilize the shoulders, hips, and spine. Students will learn, in depth, the purpose behind the alignment cues regularly offered in traditional yoga and flexibility classes. We will discuss various methods and the tools they offer for training flexibility, including yoga, traditional Mongolian contortion, and newer methods.

Intro to Contortion Tricks

Chinstands, forearm stands, floor poses, and standing leg scales. This workshop is designed for the student or performer who already understands the mechanics of safe stretching and is looking to add performative skills to their repertoire. We'll cover the foundational skills seen in every contortion act, including entrances, exits, and transitions between skills. 

Lyra Flow

Jenna's lyra style has often been described as "snakey." She is excited about movement in the hoop that flows seamlessly between skills without stopping to pose. This workshop covers transitions between belly and back, bottom and top bar, and front and back of the hoop. We'll explore the effect that direction of spin and direction of movement has on flow. Students will learn combinations and also be given the theoretical tools necessary to make their own combinations smoother and more seamless. This workshop can be offered at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level and translates to all bar/horizontal apparatuses. 



All Roads Lead to Armpits

Armpit tricks have a special place in my heart. Transitioning into and out of armpits create an imagery that breaks from beautiful and graceful movement, and can more easily live in the worlds of humorous, absurd, or grotesque. The moment of pause in armpits can seem stuck, and transitions out of armpits have great potential to be unexpected and surprising. In this workshop, we'll explore a variety of entrances and exits into and out of armpits! Bring long sleeves!

Stop, Drop, and Roll

An introductory workshop to the techniques required to train dynamic skills on hoop as well as a primer on all things rolley poll-y. Get ready to move out of your comfort zone while training higher level skills in a safe and fun environment. For advanced students with considerable comfort on their apparatus, and good hanging and knee beat technique. Long sleeve shirt or some sort of protective arm wear suggested. 


Jenna has been training circus arts for five years and teaching for three. She has completed a pole dance teacher training, is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and is currently a full time student at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She believes in fitness at any size, that bodies in movement feel good, and that exercise should be nurturing to your overall wellbeing. In all of her teaching she strives to create an environment that is fun, freeing, and celebratory of your body and what it can do.